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Oct 15th 2022
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  • Children's book publishing

Children’s eBook Publishing: A Growing Trend

Books in digital format are nothing new, as eBooks and eReaders have been around for years. However, they were originally geared toward adults, not children. This has been changing, with eBooks for children growing more popular as they integrate the latest technology. What does this trend in children’s book publishing look like?

Interactive Components

Digital books that incorporate interactive technology are seeing success. Examples of interactive components that drive reader engagement and satisfaction include the following:

  • Read Aloud: Children love to be read to, and those who can’t read yet rely on someone else to help them understand the story. With eBooks comes the option of a voice reading aloud so that a child who does not have access to an available adult can still enjoy the benefits of being read a story and learning to recognize words. Some eBooks even allow parents to audio and/or video record themselves reading so the voice is familiar. It’s the modern version of books on tape. The audio trend is perhaps where the most growth lies, as digital audiobook downloads have increased significantly the last couple years, reports Forbes. Therefore, combining visual and audio components in children’s book publishing may be the most effective for increasing interest.
  • Augmented Reality: AR brings reading to life by adding computer-generated animations to an existing surrounding, whether the actual physical book or an open surface. Children can watch characters act out the story or relate facts. Young readers or those with sensory sensitivities can opt for 3D images only if AR is too overwhelming.
  • Games: Another feature that increases eBook popularity is games. Once a child is done reading, he or she can continue the adventure by playing a game that relates to the story. Other eBooks make the games part of the tale. This connection to the characters and their world is vital in maintaining interest in the game and book, shares the magazine Book Business.

It’s important to note that traditional aspects such as plot (or topic for nonfiction) and illustrations still matter. The technological add-ons simply enhance the reading experience for children, especially in today’s screen-loving generation.

How To Get Involved in Interactive eBook Publishing

If you want to join in on this trend in children’s book publishing, depend on the professional services of Amnet. We have 19 years of experience in publishing and can help you with all areas of eBook creation, from copyediting to making the format compatible with multiples platforms and devices.


  • Children's book publishing

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Amnet caters to the needs of publishers, brands, agencies, and organizations to acquire, produce, and deliver content in the most efficient way possible.

Amnet caters to the needs of publishers, brands, agencies, and organizations to acquire, produce, and deliver content in the most efficient way possible.

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