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For Authors, Publishers, Corporations, and Businesses

Comprehensive eBook Production Services for Authors, Publishers, and Businesses

Amnet’s eBook production services help authors, publishers, and businesses generate and publish eBooks. We help you with formatting and design, along with distribution. We also offer additional eBook publishing services such as enhanced eBook, eBook QA, and HTML 5.

Benefits of choosing Amnet’s eBook production services:

  • Cost Effective - Improved turnaround times
  • Expertise - Significantly less expensive compared to other publishing houses
  • Flexibility - Guaranteed end-to-end customer support from a diverse team
  • Time Savings - Complete eBook distribution
  • Diverse Content Development - Support from fiction, nonfiction, and business eBooks to educational realms

Amnet’s eBook service includes

The various stages involved in Amnet eBook service are as follows. Reflowing eBook; Fixed eBook; Enhanced eBook; eBook QA; HTML 5; and PDF eBook.

  • Reflowable eBook: Amnet produces optimized EPUBs that adapt to IDPF and W3C standards, ensuring seamless reading experiences across multiple devices. These reflowable EPUBs are flexible, widely supported, and popular for digital publishing, allowing easy access for a large audience.
  • Fixed eBook: Amnet creates fixed-layout eBooks for children, cookbooks, comics, and magazines, showcasing text and image placement, and thus simulating a printed-book layout.
  • Enhanced eBook: Interactive eBooks offer engaging, immersive experiences through multimedia elements like audios, videos, animations, quizzes, games, and graphics. These eBooks enhance learning, comprehension, and entertainment value in educational and children’s genres. Active engagement encourages audience interest, making interactive eBooks ideal for training, education, and storytelling.
  • eBook QA: eBook quality assurance (QA) is a crucial process in digital publishing, ensuring eBooks meet high standards of accuracy and functionality and deliver great user experiences. Exhaustive testing and validation are involved in identifying issues to boost reader satisfaction and industry confidence.
  • Web-Ready PDF: A web-ready PDF is a flexible document format optimized for web viewing, thus preserving layout, fonts, images, and elements for consistent viewing across multiple devices and platforms. It is easily distributed via platforms, email, and websites.

Our eBook services help to improve the target audience’s reading experience and also bolster online visibility. We work with authors and publishers to convert texts into the desired file formats and improve book presentation with visually appealing layouts and engaging multimedia with accessibility-enabled features.

Amnet closely works with authors and publishers to help create eBooks that are of high quality, professional, and ready for distribution. We also coordinate with authors to prepare their manuscript for conversion into the most common and robust formats.

Amnet transforms your manuscript into a professionally designed eBook! Request a quote now!

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Amnet caters to the needs of publishers, brands, agencies, and organizations to acquire, produce, and deliver content in the most efficient way possible.

Amnet caters to the needs of publishers, brands, agencies, and organizations to acquire, produce, and deliver content in the most efficient way possible.

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